NEW - Gut Microbes Battle Microbiome Game

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Discover the structure of cells, tissue and organs in the 3D virtual reality!

My " Bioanim Complete" contains all my work. You get 48 3D virtual reality scenes(enjoy the screenshots here below). Learn effectively yourself or surprise your students with this!

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The microbes in our gut are both our helpers and possible enemies.

In this game you get the idea about this important and complicated microbiome by playing an attractive game in 3D virtual reality.

This is a kind of a stealth game.You are represented in this 3D world as an avatar finding yourself in the cross section of the gut with mouth somewhere above you (not visible).

So the food transport occurs from top to bottom and you soon encounter e.g. a cucumber that lands on your level and small bears (=healthy food particles) start to march out of it to the gut wall having for their goal the factory which denotes the metabolism and biosynthesis. There they enable the creation of the elephants - macrophages - which jump towards you and circle around you in order to protect you.

You have also another way of getting your protection. If you bump into the good food that has descended, bunnies come out of it. They stand for antibodies killing the evil antigens just like the macrophages also kill the antigens. However when you bump into bad food the antigens (small white combatants) emerge and start to shoot around. The antigens come also out of the harmful food or bacteria you swallowed - denoted here by the battle bus.

There is also a capsule landing and out of it come the strange looking antibiotics with three legs. They also stand on your side, but beware of the toxins - robots - which after seeing you they run after you and shoot deadly shots at you.

Slideshow from the Gut Microbes Battle Microbiome Game:

Slideshows from the Bioanim Complete project (and some photos of mine below):